Hi there Awesome One!

I'm Maddy and this is how it all started...


First of all, although anonymous, these pieces are authentic and straight from the heart. I have known a lot of people who create blogs to showcase their amazing talent.Some on fitness and lifestyle and others wanting to introduce a product or service. Me? Well, a little recap on what made me stumble upon the idea.

Since I was a little girl, going on long walks with my father had been a special activity. It was during those hours that we talked a lot about life in general. My Dad wasn't the kind of person that extensively discussed his experiences,but when he did ,it was always in the form of everyday events or metaphors. I believe he wanted to get his point across and also sound relatable. He always taught me to look at things through a periscope and  made me question the inner meaning behind everything.Growing up, these strategies helped me figure out my own puzzles(well most times) and I finally decided to pen them down.

 As they say  “Sharing is Caring” (except for chocolate chip cookies of course). I hope these snippets of my journey help you look at life through a different lens.Every person has a story that needs to be heard.Please do share and comment on my blog. Send me a message and let me know if it resonates with you.You can also sign up to my  weekly newsletter and be updated with all the interesting stuff.




from one brave  heart to another